TURKISH CHERRY AND GRAPE IN NEW MARKETS IN EXPORTEGE Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Exporters Association, with the International Promotion of Competitiveness Promotion (URGE) Project, fresh fruit and vegetable exporters by discovering air cargo, Turkish cherry and grapes opened the way to the Far East market. Exporters who visited 5 countries within the scope of the project, announced that they have made export agreements with new countries.

Hayrettin Uçak, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Aegean Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Exporters Association, gave information about the results of the Fresh Cherry and Grape URGE Project. Fresh vegetables and fruit exports to Russia, said that a significant portion of the aircraft, the Far East market, said they started this project to open. In order to find alternative markets, they started the project with 14 companies and ended with the participation of 13 companies, Hayrettin Uçak said, "We have seen how important the Far East and Southeast Asian market is for us. We saw that it is possible to increase the export season in cherries over 3 months. We saw the export season with URGE Project URGE Project Fresh fruit and vegetable exporters made air cargo discovery, "he said.

Turkey's fresh cherries and himself in exports Despite being the world leader in the production of grapes attention lags behind some countries with less production aircraft, 2 training activities under the project, he told 5 overseas marketing activity conducted. Plane, the scope of the project is limited in exports, but potential countries with the potential to cooperate in the opposite season, they emphasized that they focus on competing countries.


Within the scope of URGE Project named Uluslararası Increasing International Competitiveness in Fresh Cherry and Grape Products Hay, Hayrettin Uçak stated that they made their first overseas marketing activities to Chile and then to Germany Fruit Logistica Fair, Malaysia Vietnam, South Africa and China respectively.

"The overseas marketing activities in Chile revealed the importance of air cargo in the export of fresh fruits and vegetables. Chile has become the world's largest player in the export of cherries by air cargo to distant markets. We have focused on air cargo and thus focused on the Far East market. With the URGE project, we have started to export companies to Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Singapore and South Africa, as well as expanding our exports to the Far East market. we believe our exports will increase exponentially. "


Target market research methods related to the training program and institutionalization and lean management training programs are voicing aircraft, more and more difficult to become more and more international market conditions in the management of business needs to be developed in addition to business management, he said. In addition, the lower costs of quality production methods are focused on the aircraft, "Good practice examples were shared. If our companies continue to implement what they have acquired in this training program, both institutionalization and efficiency in the coming years will be competitive in terms of competitors will be competitive in exports," he said.

Ayhan Karabulut, the Project Coordinator of Aegean Exporters' Associations, explaining that they want to exist in Far Eastern markets in order to increase value-added exports, stated that they have found advantageous markets in terms of price despite long distances and said, "We can increase the value-added exports by increasing logistics and packaging. These are more start. In a short time we will start to export cherry in South Africa, "he said.


Cengiz Balik, one of the project partners exporting vegetables and fruits, stated that they have achieved many gains with 5 overseas visits within the scope of URGE and said: inin Following the needs analysis determined by visiting the members of the Union one by one, a training was organized for institutionalization of target market research methods. We didn't go to Chile to sell goods before. Our aim was to examine the production of cherries and grapes on site and to analyze the situation of competitors. old We saw that they were ahead of us in production. Güncel They produce current varieties and have a long season. We have seen this lack of air cargo very well. We have seen this lack. Chile is using the sea way very well in the production of the middle. The largest markets in China. First, they continue by airway and continue by sea.