GOLD CLAIMS ATTENTION! DO NOT DEFRAUDED ...The wedding season has begun. Gold sales also rose. Families have to spend at least 20 thousand pounds of gold jewelry for a wedding. This potential also raises the appetite of those who put false gold on the market. Oh, look out!

With the approach of summer months, the wedding season opened. While the preparations for marriage accelerated, the movement in the gold sector began. The most burdensome of the wedding expenses of the families who deal with many spending items from wedding venue, invitation card, wedding dress to the house to be seated are jewelry. In fact, 30 percent of the expenses for the wedding goes to jewelry and jewelry.

Fake gold is one of the most victimized issues in weddings. The rise in gold prices also puts oil on the bread of crooks. Scammers deceive the citizen with incredible tricks. In order not to fall into this trap, buy jewelry from familiar jewelers and ask for an invoice.

Always ask for GLT certificate for jewelery. See if there's a tax sign. In order not to lose too much of the value of the buy-sell 18k bracelet, necklace instead of the Republic of gold prefer. Do not shop online.