ARAZ KÜR is an international supplier of the best transportation solutions for jewelery, textile, fruit and vegetable flows between Europe, Southeast Asia, Russia and CIS countries.

ARAZ KÜR is a group of companies offering a complete range of logistics services to customers all over the world.

It aims to grow confidently with the cooperation it has made within a short period of time, and has made it a principle to export itself in accordance with the legislation as an export company.

We respond to your foreign demands in the export sector, but we ensure that your products take place in the right markets.

Our mission is to be the right address for our customers to open up to the global world, to provide economic opportunities, to provide mutual benefits at targeted prices.

ARAZ KÜR, which adopts the principle of providing the highest quality with the most reasonable prices and the best service quality, uses high technology production, experienced craftsmanship and quality materials in the products it offers under ARAZ KÜR Brand.

Our products, which are produced with silver and precious metals, keep their brightness for years by not contacting the air with their special coatings.

We would like to thank you for choosing our products and would like to say that we are as close as a telephone for your questions about our product range and special product requests.

Our respect,